my interests are primarily veggies and avoidance so idk

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i dont hate myself anymore in fact i think im kjinda neat but when i get sad my coping mechanizsm s are the same ones as when i hated mysleef a lot so idk that’s why my 24hr pieece was so good i thikn


detail of the 24
i’m holding off on the full piece for now.  prepare yourselves.

acrylic and white chalk on paper

did u know i have an art blog that im rlly bad at updating? well now you do if more people followed it id be better abt updates probably



journal nonsense/Very Important And Official self portrait with plants


we create nets of safety to both distance ourselves and bind us to others
cut paper with various acrylic and marker work
~50 hours of work total
final installation piece for my time clas

i’ve been updating my art blog everyone