i keep finding myself wanting to do things but then i just keep eating carrots and watching avatar

like i need to clean today and also i wanted to bake some things and i’d like to get this all done before it gets dark out which is in a few hours but it just feels so unlikely that that’ll happen

i hope it continues to rain for a few more days, i’d be down with that, we need rains here in mass and after it rains forever the sunshine is way nicer.

anyway i stopped watching avatar for… some reason like halfway through book three and now i’m picking it up again and gosh it’s so intense and scary and awesome and gah i need to rewatch like ALL of it except for most of book one cos i know it by heart p. much

my otp is zuko/katara

'zatara' 'zukara' 'karuko'


ahhhh avatar is sooo gooood can’t handle it gonna go crazy

the end of book 2 and ITS SO GOOD SO CRAZY SO INTENSE i’m freakin’ out guys