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i’ve been working on this project for a while and it’s finally done! i filled up a tiny moleskine notebook (which was given to me by my dear friend joel) with 23 ballpoint pen drawings of this character that came to me in an early morning hazy doodle one day.  the drawings tell a story, maybe.  you might find them whimsical and charming or strange and unsettling or lonely or repulsive or sweet or a combination of any or all of those feelings.

let me know if you would like to see more of them!

(by pauli mia)

tattletale.  ballpoint pen & watercolor, by pauli mia

sugar/coated by pauli mia

rainy days, zany days.  by pauli mia.

coconut and i

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i dyed my hair purple tonight.  my hair has commitment issues, as dino said.  i wanted it to be lavender so i only kept it in for fifteen minutes but my hair does this thing where it is like SUPER ABSORB ALL THE COLORS! and then it doesn’t go away.  that’s ok it will fade maybe hopefully. or i’ll just bleach it! fuck the police.

ALSO we got a kitten here in my santa fe home.   look how fucking cute she is. JUST LOOK.  and there is von cuddling with the kitten which is also fucking adorable.  her name is coconut, aka coco glamora because jess wanted her to have a drag queen name. she likes cuddling and running around and nibbling things.


in love, yada yada

cute stuff.


fact: ex’s clothing is the coziest.

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