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this is me n my friend robby.  it is what i look like, cAnDid

some people in this world really are perfect so good work
and i don’t mean that in a romantic way because anyone i am romantically interested in right now is p. unperfect (not imperfect because i don’t mean it in a like less-than way i mean it in like a this-is-why-i-like-u way)

but some of you are just so lovely i like to watch and see you be funny and wonderful.  i love friendship.  and i love seeing people exist sometimes.  and i’d like to touch your hair sometime if you’d want me to do so.  i’ll make you a crepe

anna is an important babe.  she is sassier than i could ever dream to be.

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lydia and irene are important babes.  they both carry secrets.

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classy bitches drinking whiskey & wine out of mugs

frani and anna do the cinnamon challenge, lydia and i supervise

 (by es1123)