happy valentine’s day, maybe.

what a GEM


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idk hey

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wmass ,weekdays

wow, im amazing

I’m a beautiful angel

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good morning,

these kids…

power bitch mode activate

single life

walking around acting like I’m the shit until I believe it


this is from last night i am a desperately unhappy person,

today i repainted my nails and spent the majority of it in bed except for at therapy and i am on diff meds now than i was and adjusting to them is Not Fun let me tell,u.

i painted my nails this really strange gray-beige-rose marc jacobs color and i really like it i think ill just wear all gray every single day.  like can i be high femme if all i do is wear gray oversized shirts and leggings? well. yeah.  i can.  so there.  its coping, you know. im coping, or whatever

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Zelie damagedpeach once said I should post more selfies here also my mom asked for “selfies w/o duck lips” so I took some in the bathroom of my work

I’m thinking of the ldr interview in fader and how he asks her “what do you miss” and she says “I miss everything”

i think were sad boys/????? sadgirlparty??? ido nt know.  artkindasucks