"we made eye contact several times at the beginning of the party so i avoided her for the rest of the night"

i just really love this boy he is the best boyf

and i really love this girl she is such a wonderful friend

if anyone cool & interesting lives in boston, my wonderful wonderful wonderful partner patrick is looking to move here to the city for december-january, specifically jp or allston would be good.

this is his blog, he’s 24, lives in amherst now, is very silly, he’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, really.  he’s trying to transfer to school spring semester at suffolk doing compsci stuff, he’s been working in mental health for a while now and is looking to make changes in his life (out of western ma, out of undergrad hell, more creativity + positivity etc).

he rocks.  really.

he likes to play music, he’s vegetarian, he likes wine and cats, the x-files, twin peaks, punk rawk, he’s nice to look at (which is a plus always right?)

anyway send me a message or send him a message if you are looking for people to live with in boston because it would really be great! ok ty

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my girlfriend is literally the cutest ever.


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oh gosh

"deafheavens thing is postrock black metal.  maybe post black metal.  the fusion is different, that’d imply something else." -patrick

look at our gross relationship.  this is from about two months ago.

livebligging re-falling in love

but i guess i’m just sappy tonight.

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Another day with Pauli panda bear blondie babe :)

oh lord jesus

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