my interests are primarily veggies and avoidance so idk

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queer as in soooooo sad


the truth is that i can come off as cruel or unforgiving or nitpicky or annoying or pretend but in all honesty, i am filled to the brim with too many emotions and i am working on myself.  i am not easy to be around all the time and i am not always easy to maintain contact with, i know this about myself.  as nikki giovanni said, ‘i am not an easy woman to want’ and i resonate with that so clearly it breaks me apart.  but i am honest and trying to live and make an okay world for all people.

this picture is from july.  things were different then, but not really.


Pauli. Preview of her Senior Portraits I took at Hampshire College in Western MA this weekend.

guys, look at the pretty picture dino took of me.  he’s the best!