queer as in soooooo sad

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i want to be yr goddess - soft/hard/femme anyway i goddamn choose


the truth is that i can come off as cruel or unforgiving or nitpicky or annoying or pretend but in all honesty, i am filled to the brim with too many emotions and i am working on myself.  i am not easy to be around all the time and i am not always easy to maintain contact with, i know this about myself.  as nikki giovanni said, ‘i am not an easy woman to want’ and i resonate with that so clearly it breaks me apart.  but i am honest and trying to live and make an okay world for all people.

this picture is from july.  things were different then, but not really.

today is a power-femme day.

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in class, reasearching the early role of women in japanese culture in relation to the myth of amaterasu.  fascinating stuff!

today is a lousy day.

this is me with wet hair and fuxt up makeup, but oh well.

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today is a good body day.  i am struggling but i will be ok.


Pauli. Preview of her Senior Portraits I took at Hampshire College in Western MA this weekend.

guys, look at the pretty picture dino took of me.  he’s the best!

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i decided to play dress up/it was a bad idea

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yes.  yes.  i am so fond of these queers.


  • school full of zombies.  left at eleven to deal with it alone(ish)
  • interview at sam’s.  being young sucks.  can’t work the counter, might get prep cook jobs
  • kaethe is lovely
  • dino is lovely
  • lydia, frani, lydia, and anna are all lovely
  • maybe i’ll work at the green st. cafe
  • cos the cute queer remembered me
  • planning and logistics
  • flo is back in town!
  • free bread
  • my feet will never recover

queer watching forever!

look how cute that cutie is.

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in guad we trust