my interests are primarily veggies and avoidance so idk

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upset abt himym tbh and I stopped watching mid season 8

sometimes I think abt unpacking my own feelings abt femininity but then I’m like nah. better leave that tangled mess of exposed electrical wires alone for now

theres no hot water in my apartment…… cool…

just spent like 5 hrs at work talking abt game of thrones with zoe jon snow i wouldnt want it any other way… poor bae has to open tmrw morning, smh @ scheduling

classik neighborhoods cafe tho

dumb baby post-
I don’t wanna do anything or talk to anyone I just wanna sit in my apartment and be sad and play animal crossing and cry to myself abt losing everyone

i cant stop thinking about dragons and i am sleeping in mybed in animal crossing but im just keeping it open because the sound is relaxing. im verY stressed out right now and i feel a little sick. i dont really know what to do. i should have gone out and been with friends but i didnt.  i am trying to write more in my journal. okay i dont know goodbye

sometimes I remember max fondly but mostly I want to rip his throat out

things to do

  • mail my mom hospital bills
  • buy stretcher bars & canvas for tmrw
  • make an appt w counselor
  • make an appt w harvard vanguard
  • 5x7 b&w oil painting on paper
  • some color swatches
  • longwood pharmacy refill
  • find my id
  • do romanesque reading + figure out notes
  • start monoprints
  • paper stencils

basically i just need to make some calls and remember to show up for my appointments.  and look at all the syllabi for my assignments.  it feels overwhelming right now, but it will all be okay.

my boo wrote a 10 minute song about the dog that was sent into space

cant get over that “i saw you spitting on a picasso painting at the moma” missed connection what a truly wonderful & insane world we live in

TRYING TO FIGURE OUT how to deal w this professor

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on an actually serious note,

  • i gotta make some chromatic black oil paintings & read about medieval architecture woop
  • the flowers pip brought me last night are super pretty still
  • i got my hospital bills in the mail today that amount to over one THOusand dollars h ahaha ha h haa ha ha
  • im trying to not vomit and cry because ill figure out the money somehow
  • i got a really sweet note from a sweet person and everything feels like spaghetti sometimes but it’s all gonna be okay
  • neopets just emailed me???
  • i get to sleep next to a lovely person tonight
  • i had a weird crit today but i love that my major’s section is 8 people
  • my doctor left me the kindest voicemail
  • things are okay and also terrifying




Never go to MassArt. Especially if you want to major in illustration. They will destroy any sense of self-esteem you hold, and what’s worse, they’ll destroy any sense of individuality your work holds. Don’t be lured in by the lower cost compared to private art schools. In the end you’ll still pay more than $15,000 to have a narrow-minded staff tell you repeatedly that you suck, without any constructive criticism as to why you suck. In their eyes, you just do, and they’re under no obligation to tell you why.

this is the dumbest thing ive ever read in my life “tw you will need therapy” smh smh

Excuse me person, but do you know what she went through? Pretty fucking sure you don’t. I don’t know how art schools work, but I do know art is different for everyone and individuality is something that should be pushed and embraced. For an art school’s staff to want to change that to what THEY want and tell an artist they suck is wrong not matter how you look at it. Especially if they never tried to give any constructive criticism or a reason why the art in their eyes was bad.

You probably don’t even know what an amazing artist she is, because you just read her post, deemed in your head that it was stupid and wrote what you did. You don’t know her, you don’t know what she went through, and what she goes through now, or the rest of the people this school’s program negatively affected. So kindly shut the fuck up and stick your words into the farthest nook in your ass.

Have a good fucking day.

LOL ur right, i dont know what she went through which is why i refrained from saying “sounds like someone couldn’t take a bad crit & is being a whiny baby about it”.  also it is extremely clear that ur right in another way! that you have no idea how art school works.

theres an important balance between understanding that your professors are there to help you succeed, that you are a student who is electing to learn from them etc., AND that you need to do what you love to do with enthusiasm because thats the dang reason u went to art school in the first place.  in illustration, to my knowledge, professors helping u to succeed means an extremely heavy workload to best understand the human figure AS WELL AS the business sensibilities of required of an illustrator.  i mean maybe im assuming too much but theres a slim to none chance that the professors would tell this person that their work “sucks” without any explanation, and it seems much more likely that this person took criticism that they were given in critique and turned it into personal attacks because some1 didnt like her original characters or smt.

art school is hard work! really hard work.  its not playtime & ur gonna get negative criticism sometimes.  if your work isnt up to snuff, u should be told that.  instead of crying about how massart illustration is a terrible thing, it’s IMPERATIVE if u plan on being a serious illustrator or working artist or w/e that u take whatever u need to out of the criticism to better urself & then WORK AT IT until u urself are better for it.

like no, i dont know what theyre “going thru” in the illustration dept. but i do know several ppl who work in several different ways who are illustrators. some of whom dont like the program, so they left to do fine art, and some of whom who are struggling w/ the program but working their asses off to succeed in it.  like damn this is an embarrassing post for this person all around.  massart is a good school w good facilities & is known for our illustration program……but even more important than that, art school is gonna be what u make of it regardless of where u go.  u have to put in what u wanna get out.

plus screw illustration fine art 4EVER